Trailer Park Housewives

Yes, we are sad to say but there is a new show that is beginning tryouts for Las Vegas residents called “Trailer Park Housewives”. The show is looking to pick six women that live in a Las Vegas mobile home park.

Read what the show says about what they are looking for:

“Trailer Park Housewives will deliver the rowdy rambunctious clans from the local area Mobile Home Trailer Parks in Las Vegas.  The series follows the lives of sexy blue collar housewives, who live a trailer park lifestyle.  From a self-proclaimed “Queen Bee” whose home is 3 feet longer than anyone else’s and doles out orders much like a modern day “Lord of the Flies” to the innocent newbie trying to fit in….there is a social hierarchy among this clan that rules supreme in the Trailer Park setting.  If you lived here you’d be home by now!

Your husbands or significant others should each have “Vegas” type jobs such as: Realtor, bus driver, blackjack dealers, concierge, nightclub industry, zoo keepers, be in the witness protection program, former or current mob family members, been an extra on CSI more than 5 times, an attorney, poker player, work at a strip club or casino in any facet or spend way too much time there, a tram operator or just your typical every day pimp who loves watching the show Breaking Bad.  The somewhat gray areas of the law that go on within the Trailer Parks fence reads like a combination of COPS, CSI, Judge Judy, Pawn Stars and the 700 Club all sprinkled together. A six-pack of beer, some video poker and a temporary restraining order are quality entertainment in these houses on wheels…”

Pretty much looks like they are going to create characters to meet all the worst stereotypes, combine them into one show, and call it reality TV.


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